Conference Rooms

From small conference rooms to large ones, and distinguished guest speakers, Northside Christian Academy has become a beacon of idea exposure. In a fast-changing world, we know that we have to keep abreast of the latest developments in science, in all fields of knowledge. Events are often open to the general school community and the community in general. Signup to our newsletter at the bottom of the page to stay informed.

Track Field

Traditional sport may be ubiquitous, but at North Christian Academy we encourage a myriad of sports competitions in track and field from the 4×800 running competitions that encourage teamwork to the solo stars that have been born in our very own premises, we feel proud to have contributed to their physical development as well as their spiritual maturity. Future man and women of might for the glory of God.


Easily accessible coming Eastbound on Julius Chambers Highway, our prime location ensures that parents and students will spend little commuting time making it ideal for busy parents in general, besides; who can’t use a little extra time at home rather than in traffic? Together with a premium spiritual and academic education Northside is the right choice for all the right reasons.

Art Gallery

Northside Christian Academy is big in art. With our student’s abundant work, we hold art shows every class-day with renewed artwork that does keep you interested to come by the hall exhibit. From junior painters to more seasoned artists, there is something for everyone to see. Come and pay us a visit you will be glad you did.

Basket Courts

Northside Christian Academy is the proud home of champions. A  seedbed of these champions is our sports installations from a large field for baseball, football, and track events to our modern indoor basketball courts students are able to practice sports throughout the year even during the winter. Our indoor facilities are well ventilated and temperature control to keep athletes comfortable as well as the attending audience to sporting events. Our teams have won several state and national championships making our school the choice to get that unfair advantage that comes with a quality early start in life.