Virtual Learners

Technology for Online Instruction


  • Renweb is our school information management system where you access student information, schedules, class resources, and grades.
  • Google Classroom is a free online class content manager that facilitates assignment creation, grading, file sharing and it provides access to Google Meet.
  • Google Meet is a free online video conferencing tool.  Google Meet requires a User ID and Password for access.
  • Other online platforms may be used as curriculum dictates.


Protocols for Video Conferencing

  • All virtual learners must be signed in and ready to learn at the start time of each class period.
  • All virtual learners must have their cameras turned on and focused on them throughout the duration of each virtual class session. This is also important for attendance purposes.
  • All virtual learners must be dressed appropriately while participating in their virtual classes.
  • Due to the interactive nature of our courses, our virtual learners must be prepared to participate during each virtual class session
  • We encourage our students to find a location within their home that is free of distractions so that they can better focus on their coursework.

If parents or students have a technological need, they should contact our IT Support Specialist, Mr. Seth Williams at If you are having problems with logging into a class, please contact Mr. Williams and the teacher of that class while it’s in session so that the issue can be resolved immediately.

For our complete detailed protocols, please go to our COVID-19 Protocols page.