The Knight’s Club

Formerly called the Booster Club, parents assist the athletic department in producing well-rounded athletes of exceptional character.

Producing well-rounded athletes of exceptional character

Athletic Schedules
Projected 22-23 Basketball Season

Meet Our Team

Garrie Burks

Assistant to Varsity Ladies Basketball

Edward Cooke

Varsity Men’s Basketball

Donnell Rhyne

Varsity Ladies Basketball

Angela Gray

Ladies Volleyball

Northside Athletics

Northside Christian Academy has a reputation for producing well-rounded athletes of exceptional character.

Our private school athletics program plays a vital role in shaping students into young adults with good sportsmanship and Christ-like attitudes. Our coaches take the time to mentor their players as they develop their athletic abilities.

Northside Christian Academy is an active member of the North Carolina Independent Schools Athletic Association and uses this opportunity to spread the Gospel to other student athletes.