A program that offers an excellent foundation in instrumental music


Students will learn the fundamental skills for singing in a choral setting.


An outlet for students to learn poise and self-confidence

Visual Arts

An environment where students creatively express themselves


Fine Arts Department

The Fine Arts program at Northside Christian Academy enables students to discover and develop their God-given talents. The motto for our Fine Arts Department is Soli Deo Gloria - To God alone be the glory. At Northside Christian Academy, the Fine Arts Department has its mission to prepare students to use their gifts and talents for God's glory. Because each student is uniquely gifted by God in areas of creativity, we desire to challenge and equip them to be their best for Him.

Our Fine Arts program includes drama, visual art, dance, choir, vocal ensemble, praise team, and band.

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There's always something amazing happening at Northside. Whether it's on campus or around the world, our students, staff and alumni are out seizing the day and making an impact.


    Beginning in grade 6 and continuing through the final years of high school, Northside students have the opportunity to be a part of a band program that offers an excellent foundation in instrumental music. Students may develop the ability to play an instrument, read musical notation, understand the cultural relevance of musical education, and have opportunities to perform in public settings in order to refine their musical skills.

    NCA Band students have performed at various venues in the community as well as at Disney World, Carowinds, and the Southern Christmas show. We believe that God has given us music as a means of worshiping and praising Him, therefore instrumental music in the Christian school should challenge students to higher levels of accomplishments as this gift of music is offered back to God, as a sacrifice of praise.

    Ranked #3 Best Christian High Schools in Charlotte, NC. Northside Christian Academy stands out from the rest of other private schools in the area.


    Students at Northside Christian Academy have the opportunity to be involved in various drama events during the course of the school year. Plays and musical theater are a part of the school year, and many students take advantage of this outlet to learn poise and self-confidence in performing before an audience. Participation in theater can be demanding, but one our students' most rewarding activities. Often, memories (and friendships) are made for a lifetime.

    We believe that the skill of communication is a gift from God, and learning to demonstrate good skills in this area ultimately glorifies the God of Creation. In recent years NCA students have performed:

    • Pinnochio (Elementary)
    • The Jungle Book (Elementary)
    • Lion King Kids (Elementary)
    • The Best Christmas Pageant Ever (Elementary)
    • Aladdin (Middle School)
    • Little Woman (High School)
    • The Prince & The Pauper (Middle School)
    • Fiddler on the Roof (Middle & High School)
    • Flapper! (High School)
    • The King & I (High School)
    • The Hidding Place (High School)
    • Oklahoma! (High School)

    Ranked #3 Best Christian High Schools in Charlotte, NC. Northside Christian Academy stands out from the rest of other private schools in the area.

    Visual Art

    Northside Christian Academy students are provided with the opportunity to creatively express themselves through the medium of Visual Art. Realizing that our students are beings crafted in the image of a brilliant Creator, the Visual Arts department remains a pillar in our Fine Arts program. Paired with the understanding of the history of art, students develop, hone and ultimately master their fine motor skills into visual works that bring glory to God. Our Visual Arts students have excelled in this area and have demonstrated a deep understanding of art, not only in theory, but also in practice - well beyond their grade levels.

    NCA Visual Arts students have consistently received superior ratings on their submissions for competition and portfolio critiques. Our students who pursue degrees in the visual arts are extremely prepared for their coursework at the next level, having received training in collegiate level and advanced techniques. We credit the ability to create and to demonstrate fine craftsmanship as a reflection of a God who is the source of all creativity and imagination.

    Ranked #3 Best Christian High Schools in Charlotte, NC. Northside Christian Academy stands out from the rest of other private schools in the area.

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