Tuitions and Fees

Investing in Private Education


Private education is one of the most significant investments you will ever make. As a parent, nothing could be more important than giving your child exceptional learning opportunities in a safe, engaging, and distinctly Christian environment.

Regardless of your unique goals, we believe a successful education produces students who are able to take what they’ve learned and apply it in a real-world context, making a positive impact that lasts far beyond their school years. This is the type of education we aim to make affordable and accessible to as many families as possible across the Charlotte area.


2022-2023 Annual Tuition


  • GRADES K-5: $8,300
  • GRADES 6-8: $8,800
  • GRADES 9-12: $9,800

Other Fees

 Additional fees apply on opportunities that are optional, such as private music lessons, tutoring, athletics and some performances. Fees also apply for certain honors or A.P. classes, field trips, and before/after school care. To review Northside Christian Academy’s tuition and fees in detail, please download our:

Assistance for Families


While education is a significant opportunity to invest in your child, we realize that tuition and fees add a major line item to your monthly budget. At NCA, we work with you to make the financial commitment possible through these options:

Monthly Payment Options

Tuition payments can be spread over 10 months and automatically withdrawn from a checking or savings account.

Multi-Child Family Discounts

For each additional child that comes to NCA after your first, a tuition discount of $300 per child is available.

In-Full Discount

A $350 credit per student is available if making a single payment to NCA for the family’s entire year’s tuition.

Variable Tuition

A limited amount of need-based financial assistance is available through FACTS. More information is available at

Children’s Scholarship Fund

CSF offers a limited number of need-based scholarships to NCA families who apply directly at

Discover the Value of an NCA Education

We understand the sacrifices parents make to send their students to a private school. At NCA, our number one priority is making sure you see a return on your investment. This could be a kindergartener who loves learning, a high school student who gets accepted to their dream college, or a middle schooler who matures spiritually, as well as academically. A dollar value cannot be placed on these things. We believe that once you explore all that NCA has to offer, you will see that the value far exceeds the tuition cost.

Opportunity Scholarship

The North Carolina State Education Assistance Authority Opportunity Scholarship Program expands school choice for students in NC through scholarship grants for eligible children in Kindergarten through 12th grade. This scholarship program provides funding of up to $4,200 per year for eligible students choosing to attend a non-public school. Go to for more information.