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A Private Christian High School in Charlotte, NC

Educating Students for Christ

Northside Christian Academy’s private high school in Charlotte, N.C., offers a first-class Christian education, boldly presenting the truth of Scripture in every classroom and through every activity.

Truth in Action

At Northside, we believe “all truth is God’s truth.” Our high school students, from all around the Charlotte, North Carolina area, engage in academic discourse across all subject areas, but from the perspective of revealed, absolute truth. Our curriculum, teaching methods, discipline methods and mission are all designed to arm our students with the truth they need to wrestle with hard questions.

Northside’s “Living Curriculum,” teachers, guide high school students through their studies, integrating faith and learning across all subject areas, living exemplary Christian lives, and partnering with parents to develop each student’s abilities.

Our desire is that each Northside high school student become a worker “who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly handles the word of truth” (II Timothy 2:15), who is able to give well-considered answers to those who ask the reason for such hope (I Peter 3:15), and who is strong in the faith (II Timothy 1:12, 2:1).

Academic Curriculum

High school students at Northside Christian Academy in Charlotte, N.C., have the opportunity to take classes across three different levels: grade-level courses, honors, and Advanced Placement. Students are encouraged to take courses that will provide them with the opportunities to make like-minded friends, pursue academic excellence and to discover what they love.

Along with our honors courses in each of the major subject areas, Northside offers Advanced Placement classes in English Composition, Calculus, U.S. History, Biology and Computer Science.

Our high school students meet and exceed the state graduation requirements for public educational institutions in the Charlotte, North Carolina, area, and are more than prepared for higher education in North Carolina and beyond.

Athletics and Fine Arts

Our high school athletics and fine arts programs prepare students for excellence on the field, in the studio, and on the stage. Our high school students compete with various other private high school teams in and around Charlotte, N.C.

The Fine Arts Department offers performance opportunities in theater, band, and choir, as well as private lessons with NCA teachers. We also offer a Praise and Worship course, designed to teach high school students an in-depth theology of worship while training them in the vocal and instrumental skills they need to lead chapel services at school.

Along with our performance arts, we also offer art for every level, creative writing, speech, and yearbook.

Looking for a Private High School in Charlotte, NC?

If you’re relocating to the Charlotte, N.C., area, or if you’re looking for a quality Christian private high school in the area, give us a call (704-596-4074). We’ll be delighted to schedule a campus tour, send you more information or answer any questions you may have.

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