International Students

Welcome, International Students 


Northside Christian Academy welcomes international students from around the world. All international students must be represented by an international agency which will be their legal guardian. Currently, we have students from China, England, Honduras, Korea, Spain and Vietnam. Northside Christian Academy was founded in 1961 and continues as one of the oldest and most respected private Christian schools in America. Northside Christian Academy is characterized by high academic standards, a mature student culture, opportunities for leadership, a beautiful 155-acre college-style campus, consistently positive parent and student feedback, and state of the art facilities. Northside Christian Academy offers a traditional college preparatory curriculum and comprehensive co-curricular programs. Northside Christian Academy is uniquely located in Charlotte, North Carolina and is conveniently accessible to a wide range of cultural experiences.


Northside Christian Academy looks for students who are:


  • Representative of a variety of countries
  • Academically motivated and successful
  • Emotionally and socially mature
  • Willing to get involved in clubs and activities
  • Respectful of world cultures and values

Instead of an impersonal dorm setting, we believe international students living with American families constantly provides a much better learning environment and provides more focused social and emotional support. Host families are chosen after background checks, reference checks, and personal interviews. Orientation and ongoing support is provided to host families as well.

Did You Know?


    • Northside Christian Academy offers several AP (advanced placement) courses.
    • 99% of Northside Christian Academy graduates are accepted into the university of their choice.
    • Northside Christian Academy international students enjoy full submersion in American culture and language by living full-time with a host family.

    For further information regarding international admissions, contact International Admissions Director, Pamela Starkey,

    at or call 704-602-2268

    Also, take a moment to view our Host Family Handbook for parents who are hosting an international student!

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Host Handbook

Host Family Handbook

Take a moment to view our family handbook for parents who are hosting an international student!

Our Strategic Goal

Northside Christian Academy strives to continue to be a relevant influencing institution in the educational endeavors of the community we serve. From our Pre-K to 12 all the way to our alumni.

Because the enemies of good never sleep, our mission is to continually stay engaged with the community we serve. Even after graduation, our alumni are still in contact as we may be of continues service.

A Christian Worldview Education

  • A student who develops a Christian worldview as a result of Northside Christian Academy’s impact will be:

• A committed follower of Jesus Christ with a strong biblical view of truth (or reality)

• A responsible and patriotic citizen who understands and appreciates America’s Christian heritage and works to strengthen that influence on government and every sphere of culture

• A person with values, principles and character, able to add real-life value to those around them as someone who is educated, thoughtful, articulate, honest, productive, and service-oriented

• Able to confidently and lovingly share, give reason for, and grow in his or her faith

• Able to continue their education and/or become a productive citizen improving society through their life and work