Staff Directory

Head of School

Faculty and Staff

Debra Aase-Farnum
 Emily Bickings
3rd Grade
Shawna Brotherton
High School History
Rachel Benson
Middle School English
Marisa Clifton
High School Science
 Jasmine Freeman
5th Grade
Monica Bernot
Phyllis Young
C Wing Office
Marcus Hutchins
Athletic Director
Angela Hicks
Bonnie Holmes
Guidance Counselor
Elizabeth Hoover
Secondary History, Yearbook
Brittany Lee
Fine Arts Director, Drama/Dance
Stephen Libby
Food Services and Maintenaince
 Jill Metts
1st Grade
Melanie Moore
Joseph Morrow
High School Math
Denise Nolen
Bookkeeper, Elementary Adm Asst
Rachel Peatross
High School English
Danielle Phillips
Principal, ILC
Bob Riddell
High School Bible/Finance
Julianna Ward
Secondary Math
Carly Shepard
4th Grade
Becky Speer
Ex. Asst. to Head of School
Pamela Starkey
International Admissions
 Lindsay Toney
Brennan Walter
High School Bible
Brooke Williams
Secondary Science
Latoya Facey
2nd Grade
Joyce Jo
Elementary Tech, Music
Anthony Morciglio
AV, Secondary Tech
Jolanta Wilson

NCA School Advisory Committee

Mr. Billy Shue

Mr. Seth Williams

Ms. Veronica Washington

Mrs. Shanika Butts